Metalwork for a solar power plant can be installed on almost any surface, evenly and continuously illuminated by the sun. For private homes and other small area facilities, roofs of buildings and structures are generally used. For industrial buildings or commercial buildings, solar modules are available in the surrounding area, using special solar cell supports that securely hold them in a specific project position, ensuring maximum station efficiency.
Galvanized metal structures are an ideal choice for the location of a solar power plant in areas with uneven surfaces. Based on the features of the soil on which the location of the solar power plant is planned, there are various options for installing the system: ramming the racks directly into the ground or pouring a concrete foundation. Made of galvanized steel, the system provides stability and reliability of construction. The wide range of possible structural configurations provides the ideal, cost-effective solution for any project.
Galvanized metal structures for solar panels remain stable for many years, even in unstable Ukrainian climate, characterized by rapid installation on areas with uneven surfaces. Different installation options are used depending on the soil quality. Several design models are available that can be adapted to different projects.