The total wind energy potential of the Earth is enormous: according to a number of authoritative expert estimates, it is about 1200 TW. However, the real exploitation of this potential is confronted with a number of difficulties caused by the uneven distribution of it in different parts of the Earth and the large losses in its transformation into other types of energy. Thus, in modern wind turbines, the efficiency of the use of energy of air flow is 10% less than theoretically possible, equal to 59.3%, and usually does not exceed 50%, and then only at the optimum wind speed provided for the wind generator.
In addition, since some of the wind energy is lost in the conversion of mechanical energy to electrical energy, the specific electric power at the outlet of the wind turbines is only 30 ... 40% of the air flow capacity, provided its stable operation in the speed range provided for the wind generator. And that's not all. Taking into account the need for forced shutdowns of wind units in case of exceeding the estimated wind speeds and stops in its absence, the specific electricity generation during the year does not usually exceed 15 ... 30% of the wind energy, depending on the location and parameters of the wind units.
As for Ukraine, given the potential investment in the total capacity of wind farms that can be built over the next 10 years in the promising regions of Ukraine, according to the Institute of Renewable Energy of the NAS of Ukraine, it can be estimated at 16 TW with a possible annual energy production of about 32 billion . kWh / year.